Pasefika disability resources available

Le Va is a non-government organisation that walks alongside Pasifika individuals, families, communities and services to provide the resources, tools, information and support they need for the best possible health, wellbeing and social outcomes. 

Le Va say about disability “Let's not sweep disability under the fala; let's get real about it, acknowledge it and embrace it. We've launched a new radio campaign promoting our range of Pasifika resources, info and advice. Check out Words Matter, a factsheet about how to talk about disability using language that doesn't discriminate against or stigmatise people; and our DSS Guides contain everything you need to know about accessing disability support services in Aotearoa. These resources are free and available in a range of languages, including Samoan, Tongan, Cook Island Maori, Niuean, Fijian, Tokelauan and English.” 

The work of Le Va is co-created with the people who use services, cultural knowledge holders and Pasifika thought leaders.

Check out their website http://www.leva.co.nz/