Attitudes to disabled people

DPA wants a universal attitude that values full participation of disabled people.

From the DPA Agenda for Change.

DPA recognises that public attitudes towards disabled people need to change. We want to be recognised as the productive and innovative people we are.

We want to live in a country where we can say, “I am able”, rather than, “ I am disabled”. 

Current Work

AOK project

We have developed a digital application that disabled people can use to name restaurants, cafes and any other business, or staff person who provides a good experience for them. We’ve now got funding to do the pilot and roll it out.

I am Able project

We are also applying for funding to launch a public awareness campaign to improve attitudes to disabled people called "I am Able".

Our Kaituitui network help change public attitudes locally

In 2012 members of the disabled community, called Kaituitui, were appointed around the country.  They share their lived experience of disability and knowledge of the Disability Convention with their local communities.

More about our Kaituitui
The UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled Persons (the Disability Convention)
The DPA Agenda for Change