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Coming to grips with the UN Disability Convention

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By Dr Huhana Hickey

I think it’s important for us to understand what the Disability Convention means for us as a community and for us as individuals because it outlines what our rights are in New Zealand.

I am writing a series about each of the articles in the Disability Convention that deal with the rights of disabled people. Those articles I have covered so far are listed below.

In each of my pieces I have included what the article actually says then I have explained the content in plain English to make it easier to understand..  

The Disability Convention was designed for the disability community but it includes  certain roles and responsibilities the State (or Government) needs to carry out.

I believe when we know what our rights are in respect to: health, education, jobs, housing, justice, the right to make decisions, etc we can start to exercise them.

The Disability Convention outlines those rights. If they are denied us we need to fight for them..

Article 5 – Equality and non=discrimination

Article 9 – Access

Article 10 and 11 – Right to life

Article 12 – Equal recognition before the law

Article 13 – Access to justice

Article 14 and 15 – Liberty and freedom from inhuman treatment