Learn what’s happening in the rest of the world

If you’re interested in international disability news, these websites may be for you.

Disabled People's International and the International Disability Alliance are international disability organisations. Both organisations advocate on behalf of people with disabilities, and aim to ensure people with disabilities are treated like other people. 

Both organisations also have Facebook pages. To see their Facebook posts, search on Facebook for ‘Disabled People's International (DPI)’ or ‘International Disability Alliance’, or click on the links. Once on the page, click ‘Like Page’ in the upper right-hand corner.

Posts on the Disabled People’s International Facebook page include a link to an inclusive technology policy, articles about disabled people with Ebola and the negative consequences of reductions to disability benefits in the UK. There is a meeting in Beijing, China to discuss 'Equal Access, Inclusive Development', which were organized by China Disabled Persons' Federation (CDPF) and held on 10th-11th November, 2014.

Posts on the International Disability Alliance Facebook page include a recounting of a meeting held in Geneva earlier in November to discuss employment for disabled people, and the most recent issue of the IDA Disability Rights Bulletin.