How we work

As a DPA member you can expect to feel supported and have your identity respected.

You will:
  • be listened to
  • be encouraged to debate issues with others
  • get support from others who know what you are talking about
  • have your cultural identity respected
  • be able to contribute to DPA decision making, and
  • have the opportunity to use your talents and skills.

Membership as a disabled person, a family member or a disability organisation

You can be a full member of DPA if you are a disabled person. That means you can vote during any DPA activity that requires it. 

Those without impairments are associate members (unless your child is under 18). In this case one family member is able to vote on their behalf. 

We have a regional structure and way of working that ensures your collaborative voice is expressed by DPA, nationally and locally, in a clear, consistent and authoritative way.

DPA has a constitution that sets out more detail about how DPA works.

The DPA Constitution
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