Our Achievements

We helped create the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

DPA was influential in creating the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (the Disability Convention). We were recognised internationally for this work in 2007 by jointly winning the Franklin Roosevelt Award.

New Zealand has signed and ratified the Disability Convention, which confirms that disabled people must have the same human rights as everyone else. 

As a result of the Disability Convention, we are leading the way as we partner with government, local authorities and private companies to implement the Disability Convention.

Over the years DPA members have achieved other big wins

DPA has:
  • in 2014 represented disabled people's views in Geneva during the New Zealand Government's examination by the United Nations on their progress to implement the Disability Convention
  • in 2013  led the group of national disabled persons organisations (DPO's) to form a network to represent the views of disabled people to Government as outlined in the Disability Convention Article 4.3 
  • signed a partnership agreement with the State Sector Chief Executive Group and co-wrote the Government Disability Action  Plan with the other DPOs and Government officials, in 2013
  • had  input into legislation affecting the everyday lives of people with disability, such as the Building Act 2004
  • campaigned for disability to be included in the Human Rights Act 1993 and supports human rights actions
  • had a strong voice in getting disability counted in the Census
  • lobbied successfully for a Minister for Disability Issues and the New Zealand Disability Strategy.
  • supported the Deaf community to get NZ Sign Language adopted as New Zealand’s third official language
  • played a key role in monitoring implementation of the Disability Convention by the New Zealand Government
  • developed strong relationships with allies, including CCS Disability Action, People First and Workbridge Incorporated, and
  • run successful campaigns for repeal of bad laws, e.g. the misnamed Disabled Persons Employment Promotion Act.