Meet the Mahi Tika Team

Rodney Bell, Prudence Walker, Angela Desmarais and Tim Young pose for the camera


Our team includes Waikato-based Kaitiaki | Enhancers. The project is overseen by DPA Chief Executive Prudence Walker along with Angela Desmarais in the role of Manaaki | Support.

Rodney Bell - Ngaati Maniapoto

Kaitiaki | Enhancer

Rodney Bell is of Maaori descent from the Tainui Waka and Ngaati Maniapoto is his Iwi.
Rodney is a performing artist with a disability and is internationally renowned for integrated dance.

In collaboration with diverse teams of designers and artists, Rodney enjoys creating multidisciplinary work, exploring contemporary issues to do with, travelling, identity, perception, experiences, time, and our connections to place, people and the cultural and political body we all inhabit.

Through his lived experience of disability, employment exploration, advocacy and mataauranga Maaori,  Rodney wants to utilise that experience by working alongside Whaanau Hauaa (disabled communities/peoples)  to pursue the career they desire and live the life that they want.

Contact Rodney: 027 238 5813

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Amber-Krystle Stier

Kaitiaki | Enhancer

Amber-Krystle was born and bred in the Ruapehu district; because of this she is passionate about supporting rural disabled people. 

Due to circumstances at birth Amber-Krystle has mobility problems, so uses a wheelchair as well as having multiple other health conditions. 

Amber-Krystle was a participant in the first Mahi Tika cohort. She had found it had to get a job due to her disability, as well as because she lives rurally. Amber-Krystle found Mahi Tika helped her gain confidence and support that she didn't have previously. Her aim is to do pass that on now as a Kaitiaki.

Outside of work Amber-Krystle enjoys quilting, reading, spending time with family, and being on multiple arts committees. 
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Roger Riley

Kaitiaki | Enhancer

Roger lives in Hamilton with his wife and their three-legged dog, 2 cats and numerous tropical fish. 

He was born in Warwickshire, England and moved to New Zealand 27 years ago. 

He worked in marketing for British Gas in Keynsham near Bristol prior to moving to NZ. Since then, he trained and worked as an architectural draughtsman, a Case Manager for MSD, a Support Worker, and an Employment Consultant. 

He is an active member of Hamilton DPA and a peer supporter for My Life My Voice. 
Outside of work you will find Roger making things in his shed, his latest projects being a belt sander and a small yacht (his wife says he just makes a mess!). 

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Angela Desmarais

Manaaki | Support

Angela grew up in Auckland but has travelled extensively worldwide, which has helped shape the way she views the world around us.

She has a background in teaching and research, with a particular interest in improving accessibility in both online and public spaces.

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