Meet the Mahi Tika Team

Our team includes Waikato-based Kaitiaki | Enhancers who work with participants both in workshops and one-on one. The project is managed by Anja Hajdarevic. 

Anja Hajdarevic

Kaiwhakahaere Kaupapa | Project Manager

Anja is of Slovenian-Bosnian descent and was born in Slovenia - a small country in Central Europe. She moved to New Zealand 8 years ago and currently lives in Hamilton.

She is neurodiverse, has a physical disability from birth and developed autoimmune disease as a teenager. Representing a good number of minorities, she is passionate about bringing to light the inequality not only in workforce, but also in society.

Anja's background is in Management, Small Business Ownership and Hospitality. Outside of work Anja enjoys photography, design and spending time with her partner Gina and their Miniature Dachshund Fritz and a pet rat, Dexter.

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