Mahi Tika - Equity in Employment

Mahi Tika - Equity in Employment is an employment programme designed to increase opportunities for disabled people, who are significantly underrepresented in the workforce.

Why Mahi Tika?

What does our programme offer?

Mahi Tika - Equity in Employment is a peer-to-peer mentoring programme with a series of online workshops and one-on-one meetings with your Kaitiaki.

  • Our programme is designed by disabled people for disabled people
  • Mentoring is planned just for you and your needs
  • You will set goals and enhance your job seeking experience
  • You will take part in workshops to help you on your employment journey
  • You will have regular contact with your Kaitiaki to discuss your journey
  • You will become part of a wider community of disabled job seeks

Keen to learn more?

You can read more about Mahi Tika programme on our Background page

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Mahi Tika – Equity in Employment is funded by Trust Waikato and Te Ara Mahi, a part of the Provincial Growth Fund focused on regional skills and employment development with the aim of getting local people into sustained local employment.


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