Spaces of Belonging research

Spaces of Belonging research

Where do you feel like you belong? Where do you feel like you don’t belong? What is it about these places that makes you feel that way?

DPA is working with ImagineBetter and the University of Waikato on a small Wellington-based research project to understand more about how disabled people feel about the places and spaces they move through as they go about their daily lives.

We want to know more about what makes you feel welcome and valued; and more about what makes you feel unwelcome and not valued, in order to think about new and different ways to improve lives, relationships and spaces for disabled people.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please get in touch and take a look at our information sheets below

If you would like to speak about the project in person, then please get in touch with Esther Woodbury (esther.woodbury@dpa.org.nz) or Carey-Ann Morrison (carey-ann.morrison@imaginebetter.co.nz).